The Best Work From Home Jobs With No Scams

The Best Work At Home Jobs That Are Not Scams

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The Best Work At Home Jobs That Are Not Scams

The Best Work At Home Jobs That Are Not Scams To Engage In


Finding the best Work at Home Jobs that are not Scams to engage in that doesn't include Online Scams or extra charges with 'NO' credit card details needed to begin are rare to find indeed...! Your work at home jobs that are not scams MUST include a free membership to test the waters first.


What Is The Best Business To Start Online?


This is the question is on everybody's lips when deciding on how to make an income from home, "what is the best Business to start Online"? Most people start their online careers at home with a type of online opportunity called, Affiliate Niche Marketing. In fact, a huge percentage of the most Successful Marketers Online today started this way! How Affiliate Marketing works is to first build a website to attract buying customers for Millions of products they search for every day. Building Affiliate Marketing Websites nowadays is not as hard as it once was and with the right Training Platform to learn, anyone can start a profitable online business.


The Best Work At Home Jobs That Are Not Scams
Earn Money Online Affiliate Marketing


What's The Best Way To Get Started?


There are heaps of affiliate platforms that teach you how to make money with this type of online business but a lot of them are "riddled" with hidden fees and upsells. The program below is my top pick and in fact, I have been a member here for over 3 years.

Of course, the value must be a consideration when deciding which one to go for and this one is my #1 Pick!


Why Wealthy Affiliate Is Different From All The Others


Wealthy Affiliate is very different from other marketing platforms that are out there. The owners truly care about their members and contact you upon your initial signup and continuously throughout your membership. I have personally contacted them on many occasions and they are responsive.


Name: Wealthy Affiliate

The Owners Of The Wealthy Affiliate University
Company Established In 2005

Website: www.Wealthy

Price: $0 for Free Membership and $49 for the Premium Membership.

Support Structure Rating: 10 out of 10.

Program Training: 10 out of 10.

Free Membership: Yes!

Owners: Kyle and Carson pictured to the right.

Overall Rank: 9 out of 10 points.


They teach you how to build a professional website from the ground up, give you the tools and training necessary to make it happen and even show how to market your website to earn real recurring passive income from home beyond the building phase. This is a real nuts and bolts entrepreneur university that will give you the knowledge to build a successful business online.  Anyone with the eagerness and willingness to learn can do it and Wealthy Affiliate delivers the knowledge in digestible bite-sized chunks with 24-hour support along the way.


Get To Work With Professional Marketers


You will no longer feel alone and be getting to work with Professional Marketing People that will help you build your home business. You will finally feel like a true online marketing success where you're following the steps of many successful entrepreneurs. Wealthy Affiliate CONTINUES to produce successful affiliate marketers that leave their 9 to 5 job and make an online career working from home a reality.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Make Money

You can start making money with Affiliate Marketing in under 12 weeks but this will also depend on how much effort you put into your website. Millions of People do online searches on Google for Reviews and Product details daily. Most folks can't find the extra information required before purchasing their items on Company Websites and if you have ever tried, you will know what I'm talking about. They just don't supply enough details on how the product performs and what people are saying about it! This is where you the Affiliate Marketer comes in, and it's predicted that people will spend over 4 Trillion Dollars purchasing goods from Affiliated Links by 2020.


How To Make Affiliate Marketing Work


Every time a customer clicks your Affiliate links to Online Super Giants like Amazon, eBay, Wallmart, and Target (Just to name a few) and purchase products, you receive commissions. Imagine the potential here! As you build your website adding more Product Reviews, more traffic will flow in. I know quite a few Online marketers that are pulling in 6 figure sums of money a Year with just 1 Website.

Affiliate Products To Promote

There are literally Millions of Affiliate Products to promote. It could be anything you have a passion for or something that interest you. It could even be a product that you think will take off, there are endless possibilities here! Below I have listed some good Affiliate Marketing Ideas for you to check out. They may be not what you had in mind but it will give you a general idea of what is possible.


  • Hair Products And Accessories
  • Golf Apparel And Golfing Equipment
  • Health And Wellbeing Products
  • Fishing Rods And Tackle
  • Cooking Utensils / Household Appliances
  • Pet Care Products
  • Outdoor Barbeques And Equipment


The items you can promote is seemingly endless and give us all the fantastic building blocks to starting a Business Online.




What To Know About Scammy Propositions

Scammy propositions can be defined by how many upsells they contain or lack of quality training and how legal they are. These online programs can also harbor methods that simply might not work for making money. In other words, they can be set up where the admins of the company take to much money from the sign-ups to sustain any real profits for its members. Examples of Online Programs that are not totally legit.


The types of schemes to watch out for include Ponzi Schemes more commonly known as a Pyramid Scheme which is illegal. The illegal version of the Pyramid Model recruits investors to pay a sum of money which is then in turn passed on to the next person in line. Unlike MLM Pyramid Companies that products are sold to form the compensation payment, Ponzi's compensation plan is purely based on generating cash flow through investors.  

Are Ponzi Schemes A Viable Option?

Does Binary Trading Stock Options Work?

Binary Stock Options are becoming increasingly popular as a way to make that quick dollar online. They advertise in such a way stating such claims that you can earn 75% off the investment in one hour. What they often don't disclose if you have to be 55% correct in your stock bids to get any money at all. This means that if don't hit the mark, you can lose your initial investment. Not really recommended for beginners or anyone for that matter! Watch the quick YouTube Video done by a friend of mine from Wealthy Affiliate

No Fast Ways To Make Money Online

Marketing Platforms With Constant Upsells

Many Online Marketing Platforms contain upsells in some form or another. Whilst I would not class this as being scammy, the total amount you can pay can really add up! The best rule of thumb to apply when looking at a proposition is the size of the company. A smaller one normally has large upsells in order to make their money. Clickbank and Amazon are quite good platforms to learn how to make money but are also upsell driven. In my experience, paying up to $200 per month for a quality training program would not be far off the mark. What would you say If I could show you a Marketing Training Program that has over 1.4 Million active members, established in 2005 and includes every tool needed to succeed with no upsells for only $49 a month? If you like what you are hearing so far, have a look at the Comparisons chart below what other Online Platforms include in their memberships compared to Wealthy Affiliate.

The Wealthy Affiliate Platform

The following services are all included with the Premium Membership.

The Following Services Are All Included With The Premium Membership
  • Profesional Jaxxy Keyword Tool (FREE AND EXCLUSIVE TO WEALTHY AFFILIATE)
  • Different Levels Of Training Modules (FREE)
  • Website Hosting (FREE)
  • Website Privacy Settings (FREE)
  • 24/7 WordPress Site Support (FREE)
  • Website Email Settings (FREE)
  • SSL HTTP'S Site Secure Certificates (FREE)
  • Super Fast Website Page Loading Speed Tool (FREE)
  • Thousands Of WordPress Website Theme Templates (FREE)
  • Comment Platform To Get Genuine Comments Onto New Posts (FREE)
  • Different Levels Of Training Modules (FREE)
  • Weekly Marketing Webinars (FREE)
  • Stock Photo Libary Containing Over 1 Million Images (FREE)
  • 24/7 Support And Help (FREE)
  • Live Chat Area (FREE)
  • Help And Advice From 1.3 Million Professional Marketers (FREE)
$49 A Month or $359 Per Year

Other Platforms

Not all Online Marketing Platforms charge upsells, but most do!

  • Keyword Tool (UPSELL)
  • Different Levels Of Training Modules (UPSELL)
  • Weekly Marketing Webinars (UPSELL)
  • Website Hosting (UPSELL)
  • Website Privacy Settings (UPSELL)
  • 24/7 Website Site Support (UPSELL)
  • Website Email Settings (UPSELL)
  • SSL HTTP'S Site Secure Certificates (UPSELL)
  • Super Fast Website Page Loading Speed Tool (EXCLUSIVE TO WEALTHY AFFILIATE)
  • Website Theme Templates (UPSELL)
  • Comment Platform To Get Genuine Comments Onto New Posts (FREE)
  • Stock Photo Libary Containing Over 1 Million Images (EXCLUSIVE TO WEALTHY AFFILIATE)
  • Live Chat Area (SOMETIMES FREE)
  • Support And Help Platforms (SOMETIMES FREE)
Normally around $10 To Join. with continuous Upsells. May end up costing you up to $1000 Per Year.

No Cancellation Fees Or Upsells

Wealthy Affiliate includes all the tools and training ever needed to succeed with your Online Business. The Free membership allows you to take a risk-free look and has 2 hosted WordPress Website with 10 easy to follow Training Videos to build your site. You can cancel at any time with no penalties or opt-out fees included!

Added Benefits Of Being A Wealthy Affiliate Member

All updates that took place for the Wealthy Affiliate Platform in 2017 and 2018!


  • Site-Speed: latest technology to make our WordPress Website Loading Speed the fastest in the World (Exclusive to Wealthy Affiliate)
  • Free SSL Certificates for all websites hosted at Wealthy Affiliate.
  • Free Jaaxy Keyword Tool: One of the best keyword tools on the net to find Low Competition Keywords. (Only available at Wealthy Affiliate)
  • Comment Platform To enable members to place comments on their Website Posts (Exclusive To Wealthy Affiliate)
  • Free Image Libary: Over 1 Million Images to place on your website.
  • Updated easy to follow Training videos. (Hundreds of Training modules)
  • As you can see, The Updates at W.A are outstanding! Not many platforms give you the value and expertise to make money online than Wealthy Affiliate.

Pros And Cons


As with any business, online or not, there will be pros and cons. let's go over what these are for Wealthy Affiliate.




  • Definitely low startup: Free-No Credit Card Needed
  • Incredibly responsive, active and vibrant community aspect-questions are answered swiftly and concisely.
  • Fully operational WordPress Websites-hosting includes backups, malware protection, and email service.
  • Entrepreneurial certification, training videos, weekly webinars-regularly updated.
  • Real-World Marketing Tools to help you build your first website and deliver quality targeted traffic.
  • Owners care and respond to members quickly.
  • No Scams Or Upsells-No shiny object distraction, just training that works.
Read here a recent blog from Kyle (one of the owners) of how thorough the training really is. It's quite enlightening.




The only con I can really find about Wealthy Affiliate is the wealth of information that's available and this can be a bit daunting initially. Having too much material out our fingertips is never a negative but we do understand it can be frustrating to beginners.


Who Is Wealthy Affiliated Suited For?


The tools, training, videos, lessons and more are suitable for everyone from the beginner to an advanced marketer. Many successful members of Wealthy Affiliate had never built a single web page before joining and anyone can do this. Once you start gaining more experience there are lots of different marketing career opportunities you can take that are High-Paying.


Our Final Opinion


Gone are the days of ever being "scammed" again when you join Wealthy Affiliate. Regardless of your online marketing experience, Wealthy Affiliate has all the tools, resources, and education you could possibly need. Start as a free member, check what is available, even earn some money out of the gate as a free member. Then, if you wish to upgrade to premium to increase your earning power and have access to more advanced training, you are more than welcome to do so.

No rush, no crazy upgrades or pressure.

Take your time and talk to other members and decide at your convenience.


How To Get A Genuine Start Without Being Scammed

This is My Private Invitation for you to join this awesome community.

In Wealthy Affiliate, you'll be equipped with success building tools and surrounded by like-minded entrepreneurs like you.

I can't wait to meet you inside!

No Credit Card Details Needed To Participate

Click here to get started Today!

We'd Love To hear Your Thoughts Below...

Thank you for visiting, The Best Work At Home Jobs That Are Not Scams. Have any questions on the money-making propositions listed in this post? Scams on the web can affect us all and even I was taken the first time I started my career! Have you ever run into questionable programs on the net that have cost you money or even worse, your state of mind!? Please leave your comments and thoughts below and I'll get back to you in a Jiffy.

Your Friend, Jeff. 😃

8 thoughts on “The Best Work At Home Jobs That Are Not Scams

  1. Hey I really enjoyed your article, I do think affiliate marketing is the best online business to have. It can be competitive and hard to come up with good keywords that rank high. There is a lot of money in it and you can make money from ads as well. I am not into binary but I am learning as much as I can about online marketing, I even wrote my first ebook to try to sell and give away for free to members who join WA under me.

    Would you know of any good work from home jobs that are not scams to promote? There’s a lot of online marketing programs online but I can’t find any genuine platforms like Wealthy Affiliate.

    Cheers, Justin.

    1. Thank you for commenting here, Justin. Finding online programs to promote is not that easy and a lot of Internet Marketing Opportunities Online are just scams! I do have a couple of good platforms that teach people to make money online but they are more expensive than Wealthy Affiliate.

      Contact me here and I can pass on the details for you.

      Best regards, Jeff.

  2. Hey there,

    Hi, Jeff. I have to say, an Affiliate Business is one very lucrative online opportunity to venture into. I have seen it pay me very well. I have been doing it for almost three years now and it has changed my life completely.

    I haven’t hit the 6 figures per month with my site yet but am well on my ways towards my goals. As I keep doing product reviews my income keeps increasing which is a really great thing. I’m already a member of Wealthy Affiliate and this is the main Marketing Platform where I learned how to build WordPress Websites and how to get them ranked with Search Engines.

    If you know of any good programs that have an Affiliate Programs to Promote, can you let me know? I Would recommend Wealthy Affiliate to anybody that wants to start a Home Business without being scammed. It’s a fantastic way how to start an internet business for free.

    Thanks, Jeff and I look forward to hearing from you in the near future.

    Cheers, Dave.

    1. Good to hear Wealthy Affiliate has taught you how to make a living from Affiliate Marketing. I see you have been a member at W.A for 3 years, same time span as me. Making a six-figure sum of money per month is a good Goal to aim for and I have no doubts you will achieve this.

      The best work at Home Jobs that are not scams are hard to find but I am promoting several legit online business opportunities that pay well for your services. I only promote internet marketing affiliate program online that are genuine and have a good reputation. Receiving good karma is a big thing for me and this is the way I have conducted business all my life. I can send you their links by email to check out, Dave.

      Best regards, Jeff.

  3. There are so many ways to make money online, however, most of them either are scams, don’t provide the adequate training it takes to get somewhere or you need a lot of money to start. In my opinion, the best way to make money online is Forex ( Currencies Trading ) however it’s really hard, and you need a lot of money to begin. I was looking for an Online Opportunity that will teach me skills to earn money online so I can invest the money in Forex.

    Can I do this with Wealthy Affiliate and does this Platform include any Upsells for extra tools and training? Also, how long should it take for me to start making money online?

    1. There’s a lot of water between the bridges when it comes to good and bad Online Training Platforms. The Wealthy Affiliate Program is one of the best and only has one upgrade from the free membership. This is called the Premium Membership and includes every tool needed to start making money online. This Platform is also very close to the best value on the Internet and is only $49 a month and includes:

      #1) Build Up to 50 free WordPress hosted Websites with hundreds of themes to choose from.

      #2) Free SSL Certificates, Website Privacy Settings, 24/7 Site Support, Domain Buying Area, and exclusive to Wealthy Affiliate, high-speed settings to score 95/100 in the Google Page Speed Test Console.

      #3) Free access to Professional Marketing Members, 24/7 Help, and Support System to solve any problems that arise. Weekly Training Webinars, and hundreds of easy to follow videos to show you the best ways how to make money online.

      If you put your head down and follow the training here at Wealthy Affiliate, earning $1000 per month is very much achievable but this will depend on how much effort is put in.

      Hoped this has helped, you?

      Best regards, Jeff.

  4. This is great information to know. Thanks for providing it along with all your other Posts that I am reading. I am looking to start an online business but there are so many choices. It is hard to know what is a SCAM and what is a REAL opportunity. Your site helps with this. Are you a member of Wealthy Affiliate and you recommend them most?

    1. Hi, Matt. The best ways to tell if a proposal you’re looking at is safe is the way they get you to join. If they hit you up with a large fee before letting you test the waters, I would avoid like the plague! Another dubious method is letting you through the front doors with token joining fee, say $20. These online schemes are normally riddled with continues upsells. The only possible safest way to join is a no obligation, free membership.
      Yes, I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate and have been for the last 2 years. I have been in business for most of my working life and really liked the idea of having a look for free before I committed. If you are looking to start an online business, then this is the place to do it.
      Best regards, Jeff.

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