How To Spot A Work From Home Scam

How To Spot Affiliate Marketing Scams

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How To Spot Affiliate Marketing Scams


How To Avoid Affiliate Marketing Scams


Learn how to avoid Affiliate Marketing Scams and get insights of the warning signs a scam can give off. Hundreds of "New Scams" spring up annually and they are all designed by experts to catch you off guard! Their websites pitch how easy it is to make instant fortunes and glitzy schemes about how we can make stacks of money fast! They have video testimonials with people saying how amazingly simple it all is to make your fortunes too. Well, I'm sorry to say but these are classic signs of a major scam and nothing is gained in this World without putting in some effort!


How To Avoid A Work From Home Scam


Knowing how to avoid a work from Home Scam can include a few simple things we can look at before joining. This post is dedicated to enabling us to spot a scam before investing any money. Discover the best internet based business to start without being scammed. Below I have listed 4 critical factors that 'scammers" don't want you to know about!

Scammers Trick Number One-Free Memberships

Online Scammers Tricksters

An Online Marketing Platform should be completely free to join without the need to give your Credit Card details. Never give any bank details when signing up because this can lead to other monies being withdrawn from the account. Some Affiliate Marketing Companies ask for a minimal fee to join up, whilst these businesses may not be total scams, these online opportunities are normally riddled with upsells. The best way to avoid heartache is to get a PayPal account, then pay them using this option.

Scammers Tricks Number Two-Contacting The Site Owner

You must be able to contact the Site or Business owner and get a reply back within 48 hours. The best thing to do when unsure of an online proposition is to have a look if there's a contacts page on their website. Many scammy websites that contain scams will simply not get back to you. They operate on numbers and simply could not care less if you contacted them or not! If you have doubts, contact them first and wait for their reply before taking any action. 

Scammers Tricks Number 3-The Allure Of Fast Money

How To Spot Affiliate Marketing Scams

This Scammer Trick is probably the one that gets most people to depart with their money than any other scam online. The allure of fast money can be quite tempting especially when combined with videos of paid actors giving testimonials on how easy you can do this and the massive amount of cash they are making per week... These types of scams normally have an entrance fee of under $50 but unfortunately, the money is never seen again! Other signals that you may be looking at a scam include;
  • The Marketing Proposition includes flashy cars and expensive houses on the website or video.
  • Little or no effort has to be put into the Business.
  • Outrages claim you can make Ten Thousand Dollars a Week.
  • Business runs on Autopilot.
  • A secret system for making money online.

The truth is that nearly all money making propositions that contain any of the above phrases are very high-risk ventures and most of them are likely scams!

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Scammers Trick 4-Credit Card Overpayments!

Unfortunately, a typical Online Marketing Program will ask you for your Credit Card Numbers to sign up for their "So-Called" free trails or memberships. I wouldn't call this a straight out Scam but it's not to ethical on their part also. How this all works is normally the free trials will have a time limit set and in most cases, around 30 days. After this period has elapsed, they then charge your Credit Card the amount for the first month's membership. Pretty sneaky ah! This is really a numbers game and they are quite aware that 75% of people forget to cancel the free trial to void themselves from these transactions. By clicking the, I Agree to Box before joining, they are entitled legally to withdraw the same amount each month until you have canceled.

Credit Cards Online Payments

Click here for detailed information on how to cancel a credit card payment. It is also advisable to void your future payments with the group that was offering the free trial. This way if your Bank takes three days to stop the transactions, you are covered both ways...

Joining A Scam Can Ruin Your Life

Joining a Scammy Platform can do more than ruining your life, it can also destroy your confidence! Many people never recover from being scammed online and the scars remain long after the financial loss has been forgotten! They are forced to abandon the idea of improving their lives and accept that the everyday grind is the way life will be...

This is really sad! Everybody has the right to full-fill their potential and no one has the right to take this away. Online Learning Platforms should be a safe and secure place to Learn How To Make Money On The Internet.

The video below shows you how making money online can be achieved by looking at legit ways to earn money online for free.

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Other Free Online Programs

Free Memberships On Other Platforms

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The Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership

Most Programs that teach you how to learn Online Marketing include extra charges to access the tools to make money online. At Wealthy Affiliate, there are only two memberships and both versions contain no hidden fees or Upsells. Most people want to test the waters first and I think this is a good strategy. There are tons of Online Scams and if you are contemplating joining an Internet Marketing Program that does not give you a free look, I urge you to take a closer at the proposal.

What Is The Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership About?

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At Wealthy Affiliate, every tool needed to succeed online is provided. learn Internet Marketing in a safe scam-free environment which includes 24/7 Support, Easy to understand Training Videos, ability to ask questions to Professional Marketers, Free Keyword Tool, Free Website Hosting, free 24/7 Site Support, free SSL Certificates, Domain Name Purchase Area, and much more at only $49 a Month. Many other Platforms on the net charge you constant upsells for essential services and is one of the biggest reasons why people fail at their Home Business Start-Up!

Dealing with upsells is frustrating and finding the money to complete different levels of training or adding a vital tool is downright unbearable. In many cases, you can be paying upwards of $200 per Month and this is the way other platforms make their money! I would suggest joining the Wealthy Affiliate Free Start which entitles you to all the use of this Professional Platform for 7 days. You can stay a free member but if you like value, the first-month full membership is only $19 for the month. As stated above, you can join up for free without using your credit card.

I don't know of any other platforms online that gives you a free look to explore before making a choice. There's nothing to lose and everything to gain here with over 1.3 Million active members including myself counting ourselves lucky every day!

What People Like You Are Saying

Being a complete newbie to online marketing, I just want to thank you for guiding me to Wealthy Affiliate. There’s a huge amount of scams out there and extremely happy that I’m not their next victim! Following the training videos which are easy to follow.

comments for website


I own a small business and found that most online site builders charge way too much for their services. I think Wealthy Affiliate is good value considering hosting a site somewhere else that includes everything here would cost me a lot more.

site comments


Hi, Jeff. I’m just starting to build my website and couldn’t be happier with the easy to follow training videos. This is my first attempt at starting a business online and I feel so lucky to be able to work with a bunch of people that inspire me to reach for my dreams.

website testimonials


Finally, an online platform that is not full of upsells and scams! So glad I found Wealthy Affiliate through your site and thank you for suggesting to give it a try. I have been a Member for 8 weeks now and I’m loving all the help and technical support available here!

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I’m finally starting to see some real hope for once! So many programs are scams and I’m glad everything is included in the monthly price. I’m going to get the Yearly Membership which works out to be only $20 a month. Anyways, I would like to thank you for all your help.

Testimonial Comment

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We'd Love To Hear Your Thoughts Below...

Thank you for visiting, How To Spot Affiliate Marketing Scams. Do you need any help or advice to start your online business? Scams on the web can affect us all and even I was taken the first time I started my career! Have you ever run into questionable programs on the net that has cost you money or even worse, your state of mind!? Please leave your comments and thoughts below and I'll get back to you in a Jiffy.

Your friend, Jeff.

14 thoughts on “How To Spot Affiliate Marketing Scams

  1. Losing to scams truly can be one of the most devasting losses one can have, and I really found it relatable how you pointed that out. I have failed for a total of one MLM scam, but because of that scam and related to what you are saying and joined with Wealthy Affiliate. I particularly liked that they have a free membership which includes full access to other members and training. I am so glad that I looked into this program, it truly has changed my outlook on life.

    Many thanks, Jacob.

    1. I’m so glad I could steer you in the right direction, Jacob. There are tons of Online Scams to be aware of on the Internet and Wealthy Affiliate is one of the rare Online Training Platform that gives us an in-depth look at exactly what to expect. I have 3 Years Online Marketing Experience and have not come across a more genuine Program thus far. This does not mean they aren’t out there but there’s a lot of cyberspace in-between the Honest, the Shady, and downright despicable!

      Don’t forget you Free Membership comes with 2 WordPress Websites and Training Videos on how to set them up. If you need any help, I would be more than happy to help out and you can contact me here.

      Best regards, Jeff.

  2. Hello Jeff,

    Thank you so much for your informative article. I myself had been scammed in the past and as you stated. It’s a scar that never really goes away.

    I took your advice and checked out wealthy affiliate. The review of yours is very convincing about joining a safe Online Platform and the best part about WA is the FREE membership.

    It gives someone like me who was previous scammed some hope with NO risk.

    Thank you,

    1. Thank you for letting me know how you are getting along, Eric. It’s always easy to say in hindsight, but being Scammed Online is no laughing matter and can affect your whole Life! If I can save at least 1 Person a day from feeling the “Gut Renching” effects scams cause, it’s all worth it.

      I’m delighted to read that you now have hope to continue with an Online Career and hopefully, your road to success. Please do let me know how you are travelling with the free membership and don’t hesitate to contact me for any kind of assistance.

      As promised on my website, once you have started to build out your site, I’ll reward your efforts with $250 of free SEO Advice to help with ranking on the Google Listings.

      Best regards, Jeff.

  3. I have a question about people who have been scammed big time financially. Is there any recourse? Will any law go after these scammers? There are so many scammers online….something must be done about it! Can they track them down and put them in jail? Thanks for your helpful article! – mB.

    1. The FBI does catch some Scammers but they can prove too hard to track them down to be prosecuted. I think in time a lot more people that practice less than honorable online practices will be caught but at the moment, it’s a buyer be aware situation!
      Unfortunately, there’s no recourse if you lose money to one of these schemes and I don’t think this will change for some time to come.
      best regards, Jeff.

  4. I am very interested in starting an online marketing business. I appreciate your Post and resources that verify which programs are bad or scams. This helps me weed out the junk programs. I want to make a full-time income by doing affiliate marketing online.
    May I ask if you have joined any of these programs and which one you would highly recommend?

    1. Hi there, Matt. I have been very fortunate in not losing a big amount of money through Online Scams. I have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for 3 Years and would recommend as a completely safe scam free starting platform.
      I did several MLM Businesses before discovering Wealthy Affiliate and the problem with these types of opportunities is you have to constantly recruit people into your downline to make any real money! I also found the training and support structures were really inadequate and solving an issue was a real problem. If you want to start your own Affiliate Marketing Business, there are literally hundreds to choose from! Most Internet Marketing Companies have continuing Upsells with minimal Support and Help which makes it hard to make any money.
      We all need as much guidance as possible with no upsells to complete training when attempting something new. For this reason, my number one recommendation if you want to succeed is Wealthy Affiliate!
      Best regards, Jeff.

  5. Hi Jeff! I sure appreciate this information because I had just gotten involved with this one program, a couple of months ago, where in two weeks time, it went from free, to $29, to $200 and was about to become $2,500 and I haven’t even started learning anything to do with starting an online business! They were teaching and preaching their “principles of life” and “brainwashing” all the newbies.

    Their idea of a one-on-one consultation was a sales pitch to their upsells which went all the way up to $30,000! And of course, they were also starting to “brag” about how they’ve spent six-figures in training themselves to get to where they were, meaning, there’s more than likely, another sales pitch worth six-figures later? Had I seen “Scammers Tricks Number One and Scammers Tricks Number Two” prior to getting lured into their fraudulent net, I would have seen the “writing on the wall.”

    I decided to bail out of that sorry program as soon as I smelled “scam” 2 weeks into it and about to spend a couple of thousand dollars, not even having gone through any formal training about digital e-commerce!

    Now that I know what to avoid, thanks, and if you would be so kind enough, Jeff, would you kind of elaborate more on what to expect to go through, the daily grind, especially, with someone like me with two jobs. How will my transition be from 2 jobs to one job and eventually to being a full-time online entrepreneur?

    Gratefully Yours,


    1. The internet is full of training propositions like this one, Don. I’m glad you pulled out in time before any real damage was done! Many people that still work a job succeed in an online business. One of the great benefits of Wealthy Affiliate is the ability to do the training when it best suits you. Many online programs have training videos that have to be viewed only at certain times. If you happen to miss the viewing times, there is usually a fee attached to see access the video. All online training and services at Wealthy Affiliate have no upsells and you can complete different training at your own pace!
      I would suggest joining the free membership first so you can have a look around the platform and ask people first hand what they think about the training. Many programs don’t offer this kind of free look-around but I think it’s the only genuine way if a platform has nothing to hide!!
      Best regards, Jeff.

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